Nokia Music Streaming Service

Anytime something good happens there have to be 10 more companies that release their own version. Nokia is releasing a music streaming service in the next few weeks. It is called Nokia Music+. The subscription fee is $3.99 a month which is quite a price cut from Spotify’s $9.99 monthly fee. Nokia Music currently has a free version which is an internet radio service that functions much like Pandora. The paid version will feature unlimited skips (as opposed to the limit of 6 with the free), Unlimited downloads so you can listen to music when you are away from wifi, Higher quality music (up to 8x better), lyrics for every song, and a desktop application. Does Nokia Music+ have a chance to succeed? This is a question we will not know the answer to for a time. They are going into a place where there is a current monopoly on the streaming of music business. Internet radio has been around for a while, however the ability to legally stream full albums and have the artist make money with no up front cost of the subscriber was unheard of until Spotify. One thing that I see as a detriment to the Nokia Music+ idea is that it is windows friendly only. It will not work on an apple device.Will it be able to draw subscribers with its low price? Will it have the same selection? Does it offer the same benefits for the artists? We will see with time.Nokia-Music+