How Pinterest Could Boost Your Business

In the article wrtten by Kelsey Jones, Pinterest can help market your business because it is the 3rd largest social media sire online. The article states that there are over 10 million users and that all the content is mostly visual. High quality or professional photograhs can help make your products look great and add profressionalism to your business. Jones says that another way to promote your business to associate with other big name Pinterest users that are well connected and related to your area of business. Interacting with other users that share an interest in your area of business will allow you to get tips on business opportunities or just expand the audience to your product. Another method Jones writes about is adding social media buttons to your website and blogs to promote traffic to your business. Jones also mentions creating different boards on Pinterest to catergorize the types of products you sell and target the audience your looking for. Pinterest is a useful tool to help promote your business, its most appealing feature is that it is free and can access millions of people. If Pinterest is used to its fullest potential a business can become well known and conduct tons of business.