Facebook Wants to Develop a “News Discovery” Section



So there is news out now that says Facebook is looking to build a “news discovery” section similar to what apps like Filpboard, feedly, and Pulse do. If you are unfamiliar with these apps they collect information and news articles via any website you choose and bring it to a simple and easily navigable interface allowing someone to in a sense build their own personalized magazine of content that they are interested in.

While this idea could potentially be quite profitable for Facebook, by allowing sponsored articles, I personally feel I wouldn’t use it. The idea itself is good but I wouldn’t want articles on my news feed in between posts by my friends and family. Perhaps if they made a separate feed specifically for these news articles, I would use it but even that would be a tough sell. Facebook could very well become a “swiss army” website by having so many features but not really being amazing in any one feature, other than it’s original social networking of course. It would have to be incredibly well done for me to switch from my personal favorite, feedly. The article notes one problem for Facebook in that it generally dislikes ”pushing traffic off-site” which is difficult to avoid in terms of making a service like feedly and others.