Does Your Klout Score Matter?

In his article “Whether You Like it Or Not, You Need Klout”, Hesham Zebida explained the importance of a Klout score. Essentially Klout is a website that scores you on how influential you are on the internet. This website takes into account over 400 factors when calculating your score, some of the factors include likes, comments, and retweets, anything that generates influence. In order to get an accurate score, you need to sync up all of your social media accounts with Klout (Twitter, Foursquare, Instagram, WordPress, etc). You are scored from 0-100, 100 being the highest, and the average Klout score sits right at 40. When your score gets above 40, Klout actually rewards you based on your influence by sending you “perks” that have to do with the things you’re influential about, furthering the incentive to use the site.

So once your score is calculated, you sit and look at it and ask yourself “Does this even matter?” Well, to an extent, it does. Klout is measuring your influence over your particular peer group, the more influential you are, the more trendsetting you are, which makes you very useful when it comes to having careers in music, politics, or marketing. Businesses need individuals that can motivate others to buy their product or subscribe to their service, someone with a high Klout score is likely to be a good candidate. There was actually a story about a marketer with plenty of experience applied for a VP position in Toronto for a marketing firm and lost the job opportunity to someone with the same amount of experience, but a higher score. (read more: I guess when they say it’s not about what you know, it’s about who you know, they aren’t lying.