Shocking New Phone Case

Hey ladies! Ever been walking across campus late at night with that feeling of not being safe? You may have a can of mace on your keychain, but your keys are probably in your purse or the mace may ever have expired (only good for about 9-12 months). You know what you do have in your hands? Your iPhone.

Seth Froom invented an iPhone case that does three things:

1) Protects your phone

2) Charges your iPhone’s battery

3) Operates as a taserImage

That’s right. With the Yellow Jacket phone case, you can go out at night with a little more confidence knowing that you have a stun gun connected to your iPhone. The case has two safety mechanisms designed to protect you from accidentally setting it off on yourself too.

There are a few draw backs to the Yellow Jacket. First of all, it’s a big case. You probably wouldn’t want to have it on your phone for the daily trip to class. Second, it’s only made for the iPhone 4, however, plans to release a case for the iPhone 5 and Samsung G3 are in motion for later in 2013. Third, they have already sold out. Fourth, its expensive.

Yellow Jacket isn’t trying to sell the case to you, they are trying to sell it to your dad. The case is sold for $139.99, $40 more than it costs to buy a new iPhone 4. But can you really put a price on peace-of-mind and safety?