Super Bowl Ads and Such


The Super Bowl happened last night. The first half was a relatively boring showing of the Ravens talent and also a boring showing of creative advertising. Then the second half began and the game received some life again….and then the lights went out. This 30 minute power outage turned people away from the game and onto the social media sites with which they were visiting throughout the game. Oreo even used the blackout to create a spur of the moment ad which will go down as one of the most popular of the night. People were getting bored with the game and many people, including my entire house, were getting tired of the ads. When the lights kicked back on in the SuperDome, so did the entertainment level. The San Francisco 49ers mounted an incredible comeback and the 2 minute breaks in between game action started to get GOOD. Budweiser, Mercedes Benz, Samsung, Jeep, Dodge and many others cranked out some advertisements that weren’t just classic funny Super Bowl ads, they were solid advertising. The emotion in some of the ads really resonated with a large amount of people and some of the ads have already become the most shared of all time. Basically the point is, during the power outage the attention wasn’t focused on the television, it was focused on the computer, smart phone, tablet, etc. This could have been a dangerous switch of peoples attention but the mixture of a better game and much better ads brought the attention back to the TV and saved what could have gone down as one of the least entertaining Super Bowls to date.