Verizon Offers New Prepaid Plans

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Are you tired of Verizon’s outrageous prices on their cellular contracts? Well, Verizon is now offering a brand new prepaid option which enables customers to avoid long-term contracts. They offering two version, unlimited talk and text with either 500MB ($60) of data or 2GB ($70). And if you Tweet and Pandora yourself out of data before the month’s end, for $20 you can add an additional GB of data. The most appealing feature of the plan is that you can use an old smartphone that’s just sitting around the house.

Though this plan sounds like a great deal, it is hardly as cheap as other company’s prepaid options. I am currently in a contract with Verizon and my bill comes to $70 a month with 2GB of data. It’s exactly identical to the higher grade prepaid plan they now offer. So even though this plan is convenient for those who are fearful of commitment, current customers may not find much value in this option.

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By: Trevor Abney

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  1. Verizon should come up with something for the customers who have been with them for years. The cellular prices have always been high and there are customers who deserve to get a discount or something that will benefit rhem.

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