Super Bowl Viewer/Social Media Comparison

An average of 108.41 million viewers tuned in, compared with 111.3 million a year ago when the New York Giants defeated the New England Patriots on NBC. This dip could have been because of the surprise power outage at the beginning of the second half, which blocked out about 45 minutes of game time. What I found interesting though, was the dramatic increase in social media comments about the Super Bowl. Last year, 12.5 million comments were posted about the game cast. This year, 30.6 million comments were posted, almost tripling last year’s numbers. A lot of these posts were indefinitely about the power outage, but nonetheless the rise is staggering. It also proves that social media is growing to all sorts of new heights since there has been a consistent tallying of comments the past few years. If the numbers rise the way they did in a consistent pattern, there may be more social media comments than Super Bowl viewers. It will be interesting to see next year, if nothing goes wrong, how many comments will be posted about the game. Then, we will be able to tell how many posts were simply about the power outage debacle.