Is the Superbowl “gay”?


Superbowl Sunday has always seemed like a macho day, which is not entirely untrue. According to tweets from Superbowl Sunday were shockingly on the gay side. The word “faggot” seemed to appear 11,000 more times than the previous two days. How could this be possible? Interviewers are noted to remove certain unintentional homophobic slurs when interviewing NFL players. When it comes to sports, humans have no filter, they do and, in this case, say whatever they want, especially over social media. Twitter is an outlet for many people to submit their own commentary of the game, such as calling the quarterback a “faggot” for not throwing the ball to a certain player. Players are becoming more cautious when it comes to choosing the wording for their highly public tweets, but will the tens of thousands of fans ever?