Police Accountability App

So let’s start at the beginning. The city of New York has a program called Stop and Frisk. It allows the NYPD to stop any person that they deem to be suspicious and search them for weapons and drugs and whatnot. It’s a pretty controversial program and judging by this article I read, a lot of New Yorkers don’t really like it. 

There is an app called Stop And Frisk Watch. It was developed as a accountability app for the NYPD. It allows any Android or iOS user to make videos of cops in New York who might be abusing their power and send it straight to lawyers within the department. The app insists that every video gets watched. Within 7 months of the launch of the app, it was downloaded 20,000 times and 5,000 videos were submitted. 

Out of 5,000 videos, only 200 were related to actual police work. The rest were rude clips of people talking bad about cops and giving them the finger.

The Stop and Frisk Program is controversial on its own, but the app is equally controversial. Some say that the app aids criminals by making them more knowledgeable about where the police are conducting searches. The app also raises lots of privacy questions as well.

I suppose a controversial police prevention program deserves a controversial app to keep it in check.