The link above will take you to the largest Star Wars collection in this galaxy. I wasted a lot of time staring at the 98 pictures. Star Wars is very popular right now because there will be new Star Wars movies coming out starting in 2015. They will be directed by JJ Abrams. I would rather them be directed by Clint Eastwood.

I uploaded some of my own Star Wars stuff, you can check it out below. The comic book is from 1977. The first movie didn’t come out until 1979 so this was just to introduce the public to the characters. There is no Yoda on the comic book. This is because Yoda didn’t appear until the second movie.Photo on 2-7-13 at 4.45 PMPhoto on 2-7-13 at 4.44 PMPhoto on 2-7-13 at 4.55 PMPhoto on 2-7-13 at 4.55 PM #2