Researchers at King’s College London have developed a new way of taking shots in the form of a patch, a patch made of micro needles and, get this, sugar.

It’s quite small too, since it’s probably about the size of your finger nail.

A shot in the form of micro needles is nothing groundbreaking thanks to Fujifilm, who developed something similar last year, but the big difference is that the sugary patches dissolve into your skin harmlessly. So no pain and no waste, which is awesome.

Hold on, it gets better.

Researchers say it’s also cheap to manufacture and can hold medicine for long periods of time at room temperature, which could potentially make it a revolutionary thing in underdeveloped countries. Many medicines need to be refrigerated so they don’t expire quickly, so  hospitals in developing countries can store a large amount of these patches without the worry of refrigeration. It could end up saving many lives.

Researchers insist it’s just as effective as a hypodermic needle,

And best of all, since there’s no needle, there’s less risk of a transmitted disease.

Personally, I feel like I’ve been waiting for someone to think this up my whole life, cause I will admit, I’m the kind of person that feels faint just by seeing a needle. Yes, I fainted at the doctors office once.

I also grew up seeing my cousins in Mexico with these ugly scars on their arms because of the needles. PS: Do try not to get shots in other countries if you can help it, because it hurts like hell.

So if this makes it to the market around the world, I for one am definitely going to be happy because I’ll be able to hold up my pride at a doctors office….