Drones Could Soon Be Teaching Your Child Math

Drones Could Soon Be Teaching Your Child Math

According to Mashable, a company called RobotsLab have developed a flying robot/drone that can supposedly teach grade 7-12 math. The kit comes with not only the drone, but a little robot man, a robotic arm, and a tablet to control it all with. Elad Inbar, CEO of RobotsLab, said in a press conference, “Students are much more engaged and excited when seeing abstract subjects, like Algebra, coming to life using robots.”  The standard version of the box is $3,500, but for $3,999 you get the deluxe box, which comes with, get this, a few more lessons and an extended warranty! Fantastic! Tax dollars could be spent on this instead of teachers! Hooray! Many have complained about the price being too steep and may not be worth it.

While this seems interesting on the surface, it really doesn’t make much sense. If students won’t pay attention to a teacher (this is assuming the teacher is actually a good one) then why would the pay attention to a robot? Sure it looks cool, and the coolness factor might help for a couple of weeks, but that would definitely wear thin over time. I think that robots could be of help in a classroom, but they aren’t up to the task of teaching a classroom of students an entire lesson yet. It is nice to see somebody putting effort into making that happen though.