Microsoft Lauches a Campaign Against Google?

Apparently, Microsoft is “blasting” some anti-Google propaganda in campaign really soon. Without trying to sound too wordy, the campaign against Google is trying to scare people into thinking that Google is reading the private emails of their subscribers so that Google knows what sorts of ads to target them with.” Even if you don’t use Gmail, if you email to someone who does, Google goes through those emails to generate advertising revenue too,” as quoted by Microsoft.

From what I read, this is not the first time Microsoft has attacked Google with some kind of Media propaganda. About a year before, the same thing happened. Only that time, Microsoft had created some kind of commercial about the “Gmail Man” who reads people’s private letters.

It seems that Microsoft has some kind of obsession with Google. Microsoft has continually tried to find some ways for Google to slip up.

The recent “smear” campaign against Google seems to be because of Mark Penn, who is Microsoft’s PR maestro and he also worked on Hilary Clinton’s presidential campaign in 2008. As the author of the article, Dan Lyons, pointed out, all this campaign madness against Google could backfire in Microsoft’s face and make Microsoft look crazy, pathetic and desperate.

Personally, I don’t know about any of this stuff being true or not. Honestly, I think it is just two businesses trying to get ahead of each other and this nasty campaign is just one result of that.