Domestic Violence & Social Networking

I think its safe to say that most young people in America , can agree that domestic violence is wrong. Some older people agree with domestic violence, I believe that it is to establish male dominance. Kim Lee, an american women who married a wealthy & famous chinese man has used social networking to establish a pattern of domestic violence. Lee & her husband Li Yang’s divorce has set precedent in china; Lee received a 3 month restraining order, won a settlement of 12 million yuan ( 1.9 million in america) and full custody of her three children with Yang. Lee used the chinese equivalent to Facebook & Twitter, called Weibo. In August 2011, Lee posted photos to her Weibo account the depicted the physical abuse that she suffered at the hands of her husband.  Lee’s photo’s went ” viral” in china and spread to a network of about 400 million. Her photos garnered comments and sparked outrage. In the end, Lee is helping to shed light on the domestic violence issue that plagues china. In China, domestic violence is widely seen as a private family matter.