FormLabs “Form1” 3D Printer Ready to Ship

     The rapidly growing market for 3D printing just got a little bigger with the successful clearing of the Form1 printer by FormLabs. After clearing almost $3 million on Kickstarter in October, then and still a record for crowd funded projects of the sort, Lobovsky, FormLabs CEO, is promising an April release to backers. After many tweaks and redesigns, the Form1 is boasted to be one of the most accurate printers of its kind.

     As the 3D printer continues to be pushed in to the public forum, the possibilities it brings keep multiplying on analysis. While it may be a hobby device in its infancy, many industries could benefit from “stereolithography”. Entire vehicles could be produced part by part then assembled in one location. Graphic artists could design, print and sell artwork from their desk. A space colony could be produced and printed from the materials on Mars, all with the touch of a button. The future of production and assembly of many goods could easily be rewritten in the next few years.