Apple Smart Watch Concepts?

After hearing about new details about apple coming out with a smart watch people can only imagine what it’s going to look like, What its going to do, how how much it’s going to cost?.  But the first step to those questions is what it is going to look like and people have took that into their own hands to put pictures up to see what would be possible.

Picture 1 – This  looks like the most unrealistic one out of the group only because I think making a transparent object is very hard…very very hard.

Picture 2- Looks like something that is very well possible because they already have the ipod nano that can be converted into a watch which is also touch screen.

Picture 3- Looks a little into the future and could be hard to use seeing that it would be siri based.  Meaning that you would probably have to talk to the watch to get the time and whatever else there is.

tb_2-Yrving-Torrealbaapple-watch  apple-isiri-smart-watch-Federico-Ciccarese