Pot goes Federal

This week two congress members Jared Polis D – Colorado and Earl Blumenaur D – Oregon proposed a bill to congress that will legalize marijuana on a Federal level.  Polis and Blumenar are proposing taxing options and legalization on federal level and then let the states vote on whether or not to legalize it.  This is the first of several bill to be proposed to congress.  Because marijuana isn’t legal on a state level growers for medical marijuana and owners of medicinal marijuana shops are usually forced to deal in cash because banks will not do business with them because their product is illegal federally.  Because of this, robbery, money laundry, and tax evasion is prominent in the marijuana business.  The two congressman hope that their bill will loosen the grip on marijuana regulations so that small businesses that deal in marijuana can get the help they need from the banks just like any other small business.