The High-Tech Historical Miracle That Found King Richard III

In today’s society, most people are well aware of the more typical, yet nonetheless vast, uses for social media and internet. We use social media to talk to friends, share content, and even play games during a moment of boredom. But screenwriter Phillipa Langley found an entirely new use for social media, and, with it, she found a King.

History has long since portrayed King Richard the Third as a somewhat unsavory figure of the past, with some calling him “England’s Most Infamous Monarch.” Some, however, do not agree with this portrayal of Richard. It was that controversy which would eventually lead to the historical discovery of his remains. That controversy inspired a Detective novel by the name of The Daughter of Time, and that book, in turn, inspired Langley to take the first steps towards the discovery of a lifetime.

It began with Langley’s research into a movie which, like the novel, would portray the long-hated king as more misunderstood than malevolent. This research led her eventually to a parking lot in Leicester, where the Gray Friary was rumored to have been located in its day. While in that lot, Langley claimed she “had the strongest sensation that [she] was walking on Richard’s grave.” It seemed like a long shot, but Langley turned to one of the greatest resources on the planet for long shots: the internet. Within two weeks, Langley (and a few hundred internet helpers) had raised $20,000 to unearth Richard III.

This discovery gives rise to new possibilities for the internet. What other discoveries might be waiting for the right person at the right time? What amazing findings remain buried, just waiting for someone with a strange feeling and the help of social media?