The World’s Hottest New Job

If you haven’t chosen a career path, you may want to look into this new job title. The title is called “Data Scientist”. Companies hire Data Scientists to write algorithms to predict the consumer’s future. For example, phone companies know if a user is slipping into depression several days before the user even knows! How? Increased time spent at home and decreased time spent on Facebook and Twitter. 

With the amount of information being generated increasing, the demand for Data Scientists is increasing as well. 

How much data is being generated? Cameras have existed for centuries. In 2012, 10% of all photographs, ever taken, were created in one year. In relation to this statistic, 90% of all information created by the human race was created in the past two years. 

With an abundance of data to be mined through, Data Scientists will certainly have their work cut out for them.