The “Harlem Shake” Explosion

The “Harlem Shake” is the newest YouTube sensation. This is video phenom that some consider to be the next “Gangnam Style.” YouTube trends Manager Kevin Allocca reveals that more than 12,000 harlem shake videos had been uploaded by the end of the business day Monday. Collectively, they have been watched more than 44 million times in a week.


This dance is often a large group dance but can also be done with just a few people. It starts off as a single person in a crowd dancing randomly with nobody paying attention. Then when the beat of the music “drops” everyone starts going crazy instantaneously doing whatever they please.


These videos continue to show how powerful YouTube really can be. With the help of other social media sites like facebook and twitter, these videos go viral in the matter of hours. Another thing that helps the success of these videos is the fact that they are only 30 seconds long and can be viewed dozens at a time.