Where Is My Cover Photo?




So Facebook has been doing some shady business lately. People’s cover photos have been disappearing. Not just anyone’s photo of them drunk at a party or a pretty waterfall and some trees, mainly cover photos that “promote” brands or companies. The picture above shows what Facebook says to you once you try to put up another cover photo after they have taken yours down. They say their worry is copyright infringement but I don’t believe (the writers of the Mashable articles don’t either) thats the case. Facebook has services where business and companies can buy advertising. They obviously wouldn’t want their users to have their cover photos as platforms to advertise for business. “But they can’t just censor your page for their own selfish ways!” Well, maybe they can. I don’t know how I feel about Facebook taking away promotional cover photos. It makes a lot of sense business wise but I feel like they could do it in a much better manner. I think just doing it without any warning, they are going to get themselves in trouble. What do you guys think?