HBO Go Comes to Apple TV via AirPlay

For all you people that love HBO’s shows,documentaries ,and movies you’ll be happy to know that HBO is updating their HBO iOS app to work over airplay on their Apple Televisions. HBO’s Eric Kessler said, “Our long-term goal for Go is to be on all devices and all platforms,”. He also said that eventually HBO will land on Apple TV later on this year. I’m sure everyone who already has an Apple TV was wondering why they just didn’t go ahead and put HBO on there anyway but at least this way many viewers can get to watch exactly what they want on the app. By the way, jailbreakers can use the UnristrictPremiumTweak to watch video via AirPlay mirroring or HDMI output, even if the developer of the app restricts users from doing so. Yes, it works with apps like Amazon Instant Video, DirectTV and HBO Go.