Smart Mobile Identity

The Defense Department has given 3 million dollars to California based company AOptixs to research a new bio metrics tool for the military. It is called Smart Mobile Identity. This will allow soldiers and officers to scan irises, faces, voices, and thumbprints all from their smartphones. SMI_ImageThe SMI will not run as an app as of yet but will be a wrap around shell around the smartphone. It is supposed to still weigh less than a pound with the shell around the phone. It will be able to scan faces at 2 meters, Irises at 1 meter, voices at the normal distance of a phone and thumbprints will be imprinted on the glass of the smartphone screen. Currently troops use the Handheld Interageny Identity Detection system (HIIDE) which is a single use platform that is bulky, requires two hands, and a very close proximity to the subject.

HIIDEOne of the biggest advantages of the SMI is that it is able to scan in bright sunlight, a feature that has lead to frustration for HIIDE users. It is said that the SMI will capture data when it focuses on a subject, not requiring a swipe, click, or press. The SMI is supposed to be delievered in just 24 months and will go into use shortly following.





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  1. This would be a great tool for the military. Technology is growing by the minute. This could also help many company’s with their employees and visitors coming in and out of the business.

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