Technology Literally at Arm’s Length, Like on Your Arm, but Cooler than what You’re Thinking

Under Armour is working on furthering the concept of touchscreen clothing by unveiled an early example called Armour39, which is literally wearable technology.

It’s described as an athletic performance monitoring system that measures “What matters most: WILLpower.” Which means that it can take measurements of how hard a person works out on a scale of 1 to 10, taking into account heart rate, calories burned and past performances. It even keeps a record of past performances.

Far from perfect though, and has some identifiable flaws, such as that doesn’t contain a GPS element which means it doesn’t do run tracking.

On the upside, it does run for nearly a year on its battery, although not chargeable, another flaw.

All this awesome technology just to compete with a rival, in this case, competing with Nike’s FuelBand, and its commercial suggests there will be a shift toward wearable technology.

Even though its far from perfect, it’s commercial gives us a sneak peak of a possible future, a future quite possibly from one of those Sci-Fi fan base movies that fan boys will be proud of.

God, where will we be in 10 years? Will we ever get to the point where our inner desires will come true: of secretly wanting to change clothes at the touch of a button because we’re too lazy to change, where our skin will look like it’s never seen the light of day, where we’ll hold conventions for over-obsessed space people shows of which the author has sold his soul numerous times, where we will all be able to re enact favorite scenes from said-shows without public humiliation to think we’re cooler than we are, which by then we will be but then it won’t be cool anymore cause it won’t be hipster-ish anymore?