A Self-Repairing Computer…that will NEVER CRASH!!!

Remember that time you were working on a twelve-page research paper, you got to about page nine and were typing away when suddenly you looked back at the screen and realized that it had froze thirty seconds ago?

Well, scientists at the University College in London are aiming to solve such problems once and for all.  They’ve created a self-healing computer.  No, it won’t fix cracks and scratches if you throw it on the ground.  It will, however, be able to instantly recover corrupted data.

The overlying concept is the ‘systematic computer,’ one that, according to the scientists, works more like the human brain.  Instead of simply jumping from command to command (yet only handling one at a time), the new computers are able to work on multiple commands independently of one another.  The new technology is hypothesized to be especially useful in combat (particularly in drone warfare), as well as in medical research.