Behold! The World’s First Alarm Clock Toothbrush

Behold! The World’s First Alarm Clock Toothbrush

A company called Wayki has created an alarm clock/toothbrush hybrid. The goal of this product is not only to wake you up in the morning, but also to encourage good hygiene. This is no joke kids, this thing is for real. This alarm clock cannot be snoozed. You can’t stop it until you drag your lazy bones out of bed and insert the brush into it. Wayki claims that the lack of a snooze feature is a bonus, citing studies that a delayed morning start can lead to bad sleeping habits and low productivity in your daily activities. 

“I’ll often find myself tapping the snooze button, regret it later, and in a sudden hurry forget to clean my teeth before staring at my screen for the rest of the day,” Wayki founder Dave Hawkins explained in an email interview. “Even when I remember, I’ll be too impatient to wait for the full 2 minutes.” The Wayki brush is designed to take away any additional friction in that process. It doesn’t care that you want that extra 5 minutes. All it cares about is you brushing dem teefs.

Wayki is currently seeking about $80,000 in funding using Selfstarter. Pre-orders are going at about $77 right now. Oh, and this fine product is only available in the UK right now. Bummer?