If A Social Network Falls In A Forest…

Last week Google+, the social network side of Google, went down for a short time. The funny part about that is no one noticed. The reason for this is that no one uses Google+, at least no one I know uses it. Because I don’t know anyone who is an active user on Google+, I have no interest in using it because if there is no one on a social network, then it defeats the purpose of the social network. While the layout and its connection to other Google services should have made it a contender to dethrone Facebook as the lead social media site, it instead caused a short buzz and then fizzled completely out of the picture.

Their inclusion of video “hangouts” and being able to categorized your friends into “circles” are just a few of the great features of Google+ but with out users to populate the service, those features will mean nothing. Google has made a great service but it is not an easy task to change the constant draw of millions of people who habitually visit Facebook. What Google+ plus needs is for Facebook to have a security scare of some sort, forcing some loyal Facebook fans to go in search of a new social media site to call home. But that would never happen. Or would it? 


Facebook & Google+

Facebook & Google+