What the Heck “Wee-Wow”?

Check this out. It seems there this voice altering technology called Wee-Woo. From what I understand, it’s like a more modern “talk box.” If you don’t know what a talk box is, I’ll try to explain the best way I understand. I talk box is some kind filtering gadget that alters a person’s voice to make it sound robotic. Apparently, there are different kinds robotic sounds this Wee-Wow thing can make. So if you really want to sound like the R&B Artist T-Pain, you could try the Wee-Wow.

Kyle Scheele, the creator of Wee-Wow, stumbled across the idea when he covered his speaker while he was using his iPhone. And now, I don’t think Wee-Wow has hit the main market yet, but when it does I’m curious to see how many people will try to get one. I don’t have an iPhone myself, but I would like to try it out with someone who does.

Now this thing is pretty neat, if you ask me. However, the device needed in order use the Wee-Wow seems weird to me. It’s like a long tube, you put in your mouth.

Scratch that comment I wrote earlier about wanting to try someone’s else’s Wee-Wow.
Never fear, I think with Wee-Wow, you can also speak into the speakers of your iPhone.

Anyway, to wrap this up, if you think this sounds interesting, then by all means give it a try.