Where’s My Radio in 2013?

When I think of radio, i think about the painful times that I’m subjected to listen to ” top 40″ in the car. Personally, i prefer to listen to my ipod at all times. It turns out that in a world of ipods and online streaming music series that radio is still very popular in the world.  February 13, 2013 was  the 2nd annual world radio day, which was created by the UNESCO to promote worldwide radio access and freedom of expression on the airways. Below are some intriguing and surprising facts about global radio.   #1.  I was personally shocked that about 95 % of the world still uses radio. I’m guilty of believing that the trends of declining radio use in America would spread to other nations ; but in america we have a lot more options than some nations do. #2. In developing nations most households ( 75%) depend on radio for their entertainment.  #3. In russia all traditional medium forms are declining except radio as a medium. Since 2008 radio consumers  in russia has increased by 4 %. #4. It turns out that globally, radio signals tend to be more reliable that other signals such as television.  #5. This was the most surprising bit of information; it turns out that AM/FM radio is more popular than online streaming music services such as pandora and spotify.