Honk App Saves You From Tickets, Remembers Parking Spots

There is a new app that I believe will prove beneficial to everyone with access to a smartphone. This app is called “Honk.” It’s an HD app for iPhone and iPad users. Honk helpsyou remember your parking spot and track your meter.


Honk provides a notepad so users can write down the exact location of their parking space. Users are also able to take a photograph of the parking spot and superimpose that picture onto the notepad.

Even cooler than the above feature is the ability for this app to track your meter.You swipe your finger across the meter on the app to set the amount of time you plan to park. When you exit out of Honk, it will mark your parking location. Also, when the time of your meter is up the app will “honk” at you. The icon will also be displayed on your homescreen allowing you to see the remaining amount of minutes that you have. It has a minute-to-minute update system.

I will definitely be getting this app. Too many times have I either forgotten where I’ve parked or lost track of time on a parking meter.

This video gives an example of how this app is supposed to work.