At-home 3D printing is just around the corner. Recently, 3D printers have become available to consumers (about $1600 for a cheap one). It won’t be long before every homeowner in America will have one of these in their home workspace. If you decided to get a 3D printer, you need to get a FilaBot too.

FilaBot is a machine that will turn your water bottles, shampoo bottles, milk jugs, or even broken crayons into 3D printing filament. This is not only great for the environment, but also a relief on our wallets (a “spool” of filament costs about $50, varying by color). 

The story behind FilaBot is just as good as the machine itself. FilaBot was created by Tyler McNanney, a Mechanical Engineering major at Vermont Technical College. FilaBot was not funded by a bank loan, a grant from a government, or investors looking for a future payday. FilaBot was funded through, a website where people can raise money for various projects. 

Tyler’s original goal of $10,000 was shattered. The kickstarter page more that tripled his target amount, with people donating as much as $1200.