Half of Parents Join Facebook to Creep on Their Kids

If you are like me when Facebook first started you used it to converse with friends in college, you posted pictures of how drunk you were the night before, someone getting beat up in the dorm or just a night out at the bar. This was all done with no worries because only people in college could see these pictures and there was no way for your parents to find out right? That has all changed, since Facebook has allowed everyone to be a part of it social trash can. Nothing from your past is a secret anymore. When my parents first got a Facebook i didn’t add them for several months. I first had to go through all the dirt i had on pictures and tags and remove it. Now, my Facebook is dead to me and all because of them. i haven’t posted a single thing on Facebook in over a year and a half and I don’t intend on doing so ever again. I feel that Facebook should now be used for professional reasons. I have heard of some people who actually use Facebook as a resume. If i was to start over with Facebook I believe that is the same path i would take nothing more nothing less. So now,  that Facebook is irrelevant to me I have migrated to Twitter and Instagram to share my dirt with friends. In hopes that parental control stops with Facebook!