Machinima: the TV Renaissance

Machinima, for the uninitiated, was originally a Youtube channel dedicated to short animations created with a few video game graphics and a mess of patience. Over time, its popularity skyrocketed and more content producers were signed on. Series tied to the channel including “Two Best Friends Play” and spinoffs the likes of “Rooster Teeth” have seen popularity amongst key demographics for video sharing sites.

Recently passing the 4 billion view mark, it is become a central social media hub. With such an amazing amount of producers and animators contributing popular and long lasting series rather than turning to network television, it is becoming more apparent that the best outlet for these creative minds to produce and distribute their work is on video streaming sites. No longer burdened by the restrictions of television or film industries, these directors are still tied to a massive marketing conglomerate but largely free of executive pressures. While most show runners are in constant fear of sub-par standings putting the kibosh on their hard work, the Youtube film makers are experiencing a veritable Renaissance, being both patronized and encouraged to experiment and create. With the ever rising popularity of online media publication, potential creative heads have and will continue to flock to open gates such as Machinima with plenty of opportunities to be at the forefront of today’s series creators.