Shanghai Knights

With cyber attacks becoming more and more frequently the questioning over whether or not these attacks are coming from military based groups in China or citizens of China may be answered.  In a bad part of Shanghai, a twelve story white building stands which location has been linked to recent cyber and certain past cyber attacks on The United States.  The building just so happens to be the headquarters for P.L.A. Unit 61398 as a growing body of forensic evidence seems to be pointing to.  This military unit has evidence against them which supports the claim that they may be the hacking group known as “Comment Crew” which is responsible for a high percentage of cyber attacks US corporations.  However, the hacking group known as “Comment Crew” is not responsible for the recent cyber attacks against The New York Times.   The New York Times has hired a prive computer security company known as Mandiant, which is expected to release their report on their findings soon.