Google Glass, The world before your eyes

google glassGoogle Glass. The coolest thing I think I have seen in a long time. You will be able to do everything hands free. You wear it like a pair of glasses but there is not actually any glass in front of your eye You have a small screen (viewable via a mirrored glass block) above and to the right of the wearer’s right eye. Due to this the point-of-view images that show a large action window in the center of the field of view are a little misleading. Google launched their website for google glass today and it is a true example of a picture (or video) being worth a thousand words

To activate Google Glass you simply say, “OK Glass” and once engaged, Glass is capable of taking photos, recording videos, looking up answers on Google, showing reminders (such as for a flight) and sharing whatever you’re looking at — either via messaging or through a Google+ Hangout.

Once it becomes commercially available it cost around $1,500 plus tax.