First Ever Live Tweeted C-Section



Houston’s Memorial Hermann Hospital gave its Twitter followers an interesting experience last Wednesday morning, a human birth by C-Section was live-tweeted play-by-play style throughout the entire procedure. Dr. Sherri Levin was the Tweeter for this particular birth. The chain of Tweets were tame enough through all of the pre-op but when it was go-time, a warning was tweeted: 

“WARNING: The contents of this c-section #surgery may be GRAPHIC in NATURE.”

What followed was an extremely detailed blow-by-blow of a little human being born into this world. The first ever to be broadcasted out on Twitter. I believe it included videos.

No doubt other happy mothers will want their little bundles of joy to be socially significant from their very first breath. The question is does the Twitter world really need to see that?

Here’s the link if you’re jonesing for some C-Section baby action.