Dressing Like There Are No Parts To Hide!

Dressing Like There Are No Parts To Hide




Clear DressThis article describes that a clothing designer from the Netherlands has developed a clothing line that has digital capabilities to turn clear when a person is “excited”. This is bold and daring, I know! Check it out! The article is very cool! What really gets me excited about this piece, is the idea of a digital clothing item (like a shirt or dress) that could change its features through an emotional response or even a simple input device. Imagine a future where you could change the color of a outfit through a digital input. To be able to customize and personalize your wardrobe at the feeling of an emotion or the click of a button. Art or pictures could display over all or portions of your clothing.Dress1Here we see a fashion designer using a new technology called “smart e-foils” in which social interactions control the transparency of portions of the dress. This could potentially lead to digitally networked clothing items. Perhaps, posting your daily thoughts on Facebook can be displayed on your clothes! Or you could display advertisements or websites or gifs. Or maybe when you are near other digitized-clothing wearers, your outfit could change features automatically (kinda like bumping phones). I think that would be pretty sweet if that’s what’s in store for the future of fashion. Of course, I’m just having fun picturing it!

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