Body Suit Gives you Spidey Sense

Body Suit Gives you Spidey Sense

Mateevitsi, a computer science grad student at University of Chicago, has built a suit that lets you feel proximity to things around you, like bad guys and furniture. He calls the suit SpiderSense. This thing apparently allows you to navigate a room with your eyes closed. Rad. 

The suit is composed of small robotic arms encased in little microphone-equipped modules attached to a persons body. The mic send out ultrasonic reflections from the objects around you, and if an object is detected by the ultrasound, the arms put pressure on the part of your body closest to it. The suit provides almost 360 degrees of of sensual Spidey Tingling. 

The suit’s creator tests the suit on live subjects by putting them in combat situations. He blindfolds the wearer of the suit and has some dude try to punch him/her. He also goes with more standard testing, such as having people walk towards the Spider Person to see if they can feel them coming. 

Mateevitsi wants to use the suit to help cyclists better navigate traffic and also the visually impaired.