A Mother Gets Contacted about Her Dead Son over Facebook

I don’t know if anybody has heard this story yet, but it’s pretty messed up.
A woman named Anna Lamb-Creasey had been missing her son for over a month. She called hospitals and checked with jails with no luck in finding him. Then, she posted her son’s picture on Facebook with message, “Rickie, Where are you? Love mom.”

She posted this message only to find out that her son was dead. Ms. Lamb-Creasey had not checked the file finder on the Facebook account called “Other” because she didn’t realized it was there. When she finally did check it, she found a message sent to her from the Clayton County, Ga., police. The message was sent almost a month ago.

Understandably, the mother was pissed off with the police about getting contacted over a social media website over Facebook. Who wouldn’t be ticked off for something like that.

The author of the blog thinks that Facebook should hold some responsibility for the situation as well, because of the “Other” folder feature on the Facebook, because whenever a message is sent to someone the sender doesn’t know, it gets sent to the “Other” folder, which apparently isn’t easily visible on the Facebook homepage.

I wonder what people think? Does Facebook hold part of the blame for Ms. Lamb-Creasey finding out about her son’s death in such a tragic way.

And the worst part of it all is that the son, Rickie, was hit by a car and the driver wasn’t charged and the police were very unprofessional, in my opinion.

Don’t ask me what I think. I might say something I shouldn’t.