Security Flaw in Facebook.

Hey check this out. A web programmer named Nir Goldshlager discovered some kind of security flaw in Facebook that could somehow access any stranger’s profile on. So a total stranger could check out a person’s profile with unlimited access.

Don’t panic Facebook already fixed the problem, so no need to freak out. Thank goodness.

The guy who discovered the flaw notified the social network and made sure the problem was fixed before going public with this information.

He explains in one of his blogs that he was able to “Tweak” or whatever some kind of service called the OAuth, which is used by developers to get permission for the apps that Facebook needs to run, like the location data from a person’s profile page.

Pretty scary, if you ask me. When Goldshlager found the flaw, he realized that he could get full access to people’s inboxes, photos, and videos.

Like I said, though, don’t panic. The problem is fixed, so no one has to worry about it anymore.

Unless, of course, they find another flaw in Facebook. Just joking.
Anyway, that’s all I have to report on this matter. Stay safe on the internet people.
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