Exoskeletons, AKA Robotic Suits, now Becoming Reality

Our movies are finally becoming somewhat real in the form of exoskeletons, or robotic suits. Don’t get your hopes up though, because we are far from anything in your favorite movies. What companies are coming out with now are machines that restore bodies to strength, like help people that are paralyzed.

Ekso Bionics have developed early versions of exoskeletons they are calling test pilots, and one main example is the story of Jason, 31, who was paralyzed from the chest down in a motorcycle accident. Ekso Bionics outfitted him with an exoskeleton that now allows him to walk, something that doctors said was impossible.


Other companies like Cyberdyne want to make robot suits that will help people help in dire situations, like Japan’s radioactive reactor episode. They made the Hybrid Assistive Limb Exoskeleton, which is designed to cut radiation absorption by half and cool the body down. The legs also function as toolkits, so team responders at home base get vital signs and constant feed from the exoskeleton. This is what they hope it’ll look like: 


Another company, Activelink, came out with an exoskeleton to grab things all haul them with superhuman strength, to put it bluntly.


And of course, where would the world be without the military playing a part in this cool stuff?

The prime example right now of super soldiers is Lockheed Martin’s human universal Load Carrier, which can haul hundreds of pounds of weight. Interestingly though, it’s not designed for killing and hasn’t been planned to do so. Yet, in my opinion. Will we stay where we are now, using exoskeletons to help improve humanity, or will we go on to sci-fi movies where robotic suits kill hundreds of people in war after war?