iWatch (posting for week ending March 2nd)




         Rumors have spread on the web that Apple is looking into creating a new interactive device that wraps around your wrist much like a watch. However, this won’t just be another time-telling device. Allegedly, the iWatch will include a wide variety of apps that can turn this watch into something much more powerful and entertaining. Assumedly, iWatch will be capable of storing movies and music, making on-the-go amusement that much more accessible and cool. The image that accompanies this article also shows that the new iWatch model could have a front-facing camera allowing for convenient face-time fun.

         Communication features could also allow for blu-tooth connectivity making the one-on-one conversations that much more comfortable while still allowing for optimal sound and recording capability. According to the linked article, Apple is considering developing the iWatch with a slap-on strap making even putting the watch on easy and fast! This new iWatch could rock the foundation of our current “smart” technologies by putting a new spin on this classic fashion item. Of course it’s future launch will be very successful, but I would try to resist the urge of buying the first edition of the item and wait until iWatch 2 released (I learned a valuable lesson from buying the first edition iPad).


David M. BishopImage