No Lions With Light

The lion population in Kenya and all over the world is declining rapidly. The numbers are disturbing. However, the #1 tourist attraction in Kenya is going to see the lions. People come from all over to see the lions in their natural habitat. One of the biggest reasons that the number of lions is dropping is that people are killing them. Lions are coming into areas where people live and killing cattle and then being killed themselves. This is not only a safety risk for the people of Kenya, but also a safety risk for the declining population of lions. This young boy, Richard, has been taking care of his families cattle for years and had lions kill some of the livestock. He wanted to find a way that he could keep the lions away from the livestock. He figured out that lions don’t like motion and that if he put up a series of quickly flashing lights and made them alternate which was flashing, lions didn’t like it and they would stay away. After people caught wind of this discovery, more and more Kenyans started to do this and then he ended up getting a scholarships to one of the best schools in the country. This discovery started out just being a way to protect his cattle, but it has turned into a way to save more cattle all around the country and to also help the lion population because they won’t come into areas where people live and get killed. Pretty remarkable.

One thought on “No Lions With Light

  1. The killing of any animal is never good. The Lions were killing the cattle, and that was taking food from the people of KeNya. I commend the gentlemen who came up with the idea keep his cattle safe and keeping the lions safe. He deserved the scholarship the idea was brilliant.

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