Settlement paid in iTunes Credits

Anyone who has access to apps on their phone is more than aware of the ability to do an “in-app purchase”. Many app creators give away their app as a free download but hope users will get so attached, that they purchase extras from inside the game. 

Parental controls on iPhones/iPods/iPads allow parents to stop their children from downloading apps that cost money, but didn’t offer any control over in-app purchases. Two years ago, Apple was presented with a lawsuit to refund parents who’s children were racking up these charges. The settlement will surely be in access of $100 million. 

An agreement was filed last week to pay 23 million account holders in iTunes Credits. Apple will be giving $5 credits to the parents, unless they can prove that charges amounted to more. The first $30 will be paid in credits. Any amount totaling more than $30 will be paid in cash.

Attorney fees to be paid in cash.–finance.html