Pope Tweets?

I’m always interested when things that aren’t usually on social media end up on social media. Like my last post about the live-Tweeted C-section. That was a first. This next post is a first too.

Pope Benedict XVI became the first Pope to do a lot of things. He was the first Pope in 600 years to resign from his position. He was also the first to Pope in history to Tweet his final farewell.

Thank you for your love and support. May you always experience the joy that comes from putting Christ at the centre of your lives. 
— Benedict XVI (@Pontifex) February 28, 2013


A very good farewell if you ask me. Very encouraging.

That’s never been done before. Benedict XVI was the first Pope to participate in social media. It’s almost strange that Twitter was able to pervade into perhaps the most traditional area of human culture. It’s a testament to how powerful a force social media is. I don’t know about y’all but the Pope is the last person I’d expect to have a Twitter and yet here he is using it like a pro. He’s a better Tweeter than me!

The interesting thing will be to see if Benedict’s successor will take up the @Pontifex callsign. I think he’ll have to. Benedict went there. Whoever’s next in line better stay hip and get to Tweetin’!