Some People Must Be Really Bored! A Prank on the Burger King Twitter Account

This joke is funny and petty at the same time. It’s pretty old news but I just found it. Check this out, people. It seems someone hacked into the Twitter Account for Burger King and made a few changes. The funniest change being that the hacker switched the Burger King Logo with the McDonalds logo on the account.

Now, if your Burger King fan like myself, then you might be a little offended. JUST A LITTLE. However, you can also laugh it off if you can appreciate a good joke. The Burger King people might not think so.

Apparently, the hacker wrote that Burger King had sold itself to McDonalds, hence the swinging of the logo on the Twitter Account.

The alleged hackers are supposed to be a group that leaves a tag that says @DFNCTSC, which stands for “Defonic Team Screen Name Club,” but I don’t think anyone is sure if it’s them or not.

Whoever the hackers are, they sure left a mess behind them because Burger King is forced to tweet and retweet any mention of the hack that they can find, according to the author of the blog.

Anyway, just thought I would let everyone know about that bit of information. That is, assuming they didn’t already know. Like I said before, the article is already pretty old.
It’s really funny what people are capable of doing with the internet sometimes.