2013: Year of the Smartwatch?

In the endless race to fit microprocessors into smaller and more portable devices, several companies have turned their attention towards updating your wristwatch. The cool gadget watches of movie heroes like James Bond or Dick Tracey may soon be a reality, although early models of the ‘smartwatch’ certainly have a few kinks to work out before their ready for serious action. 

As for the present prototype models (one of which was made by watch giant Casio), the watches act less as standalone mobile devices are more as sophisticated accessories to your smartphone.  These watches can beep whenever you get a call or incoming message, or they can inform you whenever you’ve accidentally left your phone in the wrong place, and are wandering away without it (sort of a ‘digital leash.’)  All prototype watches communicate with your phone via Bluetooth.  Of these early prototypes, only the “Martian Watch” is able to actually make phone calls, as the watch itself functions as a speakerphone. 

Though “smartwatches” are clearly in the early stages of development, public interest in these devices may soon warrant new levels of research and development, which could lead to incredibly advanced wristwatches in the near future.  We may soon see the day where we can manage our entire lives right from our wrists.