320 Gigapixel Panorama of London

During the London Olympics last July, a community of expert panoramic photographers called 360Cities was commissioned by British Telecommunications to create a panoramic panorama of the city. The result was a 320 Gigapixel photo that took 48,640 frames over three days. It took 3 months to stich the photos together but the photo itself is truly incredibly. From the camera’s viewpoint on top of the British Telecommunications tower in London, you can zoom in so closely that you can see the faces of people walking down the street miles away. 360Cities is also responsible for the panorama of the Curiosity on Mars.

To see the interactive panorama of London, click here.

For other panoramas of cities around the globe, and also the panaroma from Mars, visit 360Cities website here.



320 Gigapixel Photo of London July, 2012

320 Gigapixel Photo of London July, 2012