Apple vs. Samsung lawsuit not quite settled

Hey, if anyone has been following this story then they should know that Apple won $1.05 million in the patent infringement case against Samsung. Pretty Sweet, right? Wrong.

It seems the Judge in the Apple versus Samsung case found that the jury miscalculated some distances to at least 14 different Samsung products and “vacated $450 million from the juries findings as result.”

That sucks big time.

Anyway, a new trial is supposed to take place that focuses only on the findings in the 14 damaged products by Samsung, include the Galaxy Prevail, Gem, Galaxy S II, Galaxy Captivate, Droid Charge, Epic 4G, Galaxy Tab and the Nexus S 4G.

Because of all this the case will be prolonged. Also, I seems like Apple and Samsung are going to have another lawsuit regarding Samsung’s new products, which allegedly copied some features that Apple already has.

Come on, people. The craziness never stops. I’m not sure how far this going to go but I do hope it does get settled before too long.

“The trial is supposed to start in spring 2014 but Judge Koh, the judge in the Apple versus Samsung case, is trying to persuade both companies to put it on hold until this case is resolved in appeals courts”.

Let’s hope it works out.